Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin teacher performer from Austin Texas talks shop and more. Visit his web site http://michaelrubinharmonica.com/  www.njrmusic.com Visit Lo...View Details

PT Gazell

PT Gazell  A great talk with PT Harmonica Master builder performer and some of his music.  PT Gazell A method behind his madness. Hot, swingin, smooth...View Details

Talking with Jon Gindick

Goodmorning today we are talking with: Jon Gindick  Jon Gindick best-selling musical instruction author. His books, CDs, and videos on playing the Blu...View Details

Enjoyed talking with Lee Oskar endorsee Joyce Ettingcoff. We talk about her first time playing the harmonica at a very young age and how she came to b...View Details

First hour

Peg O' My Heart

Toots Swings Lars-Luis Linek

A Taste of Honey Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Pop

Trio (Tar. Bamkaman. Harmonica)

Mila...View Details

A bit of history and early recording some of the first recordings . Gonna Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy       John Henry Howard   Harp Blowers (1925...View Details

Live interview with Sean Wailin O'Phelan and a few songs by some of the teachers and entertaiment at this evernt May 17-20th 2018 Foxfire Ranch Waterf...View Details

Hohner https://www.hohner.de/en Rick Estrin 1 from CD On the harp side track 12 Let's get out of town  http://rickestrin.com Joe Filisko Erick Noden o...View Details

Talking with Jason Ricci

Talking with Jason Ricci is one of the most popular harmonica players on the planet today. Listed in almost every top ten list of players on the inter...View Details

Lets Talk Diatonic

Today I talk the evolution of the diatonic in history from Blues to Jazz country and beyond.  

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