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Artist/musician Nedra Russ talks about all things Harmonica music and the artist process. Art installations, song writing NJR Music and being a teacher. Interview and more

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Friday Nov 26, 2021

Music from my vaults of KQBM shows    Don’t take advantage of me Jason Ricci JJ Appleton Dirty Money Cd Don’t badger the witness          “ “             “ “              Beautiful Slop CD Geaux Nits Kids                          “ “            “  “                   “ “  “ “ Rocket RIde                         David Barrett                    It takes Three CD Meet Me Where They Play the Blues Terry Leonino Blues Harp Women The Ballad of Mingo County                            Paula Davis  Stewart Too Late                                                            Little Walter  Singal Hooka Tooka Chambers Brothers Classic Harmonica Blues from Smithsonian Folkways City Of New Orleans Charlie McCoy Ear Candy Country & Folk Amazing Grace Todd Parrott Songs From The Harp Religious Down By the RiversideSofie ReedRed HenBlues Blues With a WhoopSonny Terry & Brownie McGheeWizard of the HarmonicaBlues Take this hammer                                    “  “                                                     “    “ Old lost John                                             “   “                                                  “     “ Work Song                                               Paul Butterfield    The Butterfield Blues Band CD Born In Chicago                                              “  “                            “  “ Amazonas                             Howard Levy                                     Tango & Jazz (Live)Jazz Bring it to Jerome                                      Billy F  Gibbons                              The Big Bad Blue Accelerated Blues            Blues Tavlers                                                   HOHNER_Originals_Digital_Album Nick Moss feat. Dennis Gruenling               HOHNER_Originals_Digital_Album     Mickey Raphael                                             Hand to Mouth3/14/18, 1:33 PM Shake Your Moneymaker Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo n     Travellin' Tracks Fat Cats & Thin Dogs       Eric Noden & Joe Filisko         Missed Train Blues Me and Bobby Bones                                Nedra and Julio                     Blues news Summertime                       Christelle BerthonBlues Harp Women Sunday Soup                   Todd Parrott                                   Songs From The Harp  

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Interview with Michael Rubin about his solo project Help make art and music with Michael go to his New Album Fundraiser   Web Page   Players Mike Keller guitar Michael Archer Bass Mark Hays drums Producer Josh Fulero Engineer Matt Smith Studio 6 String Ranch   Podcasters web site 

Tuesday Jun 08, 2021

Todays I interview Michael D'Eath -- President  Jerry Deall -- Vice President Of SPAH is a worldwide harmonica organisation based in the United States. SPAH —the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica —is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the State of Michigan. SPAH advances its mission of preservation and advancement since 1963 in many ways. To learn more or register for events and become a member visit  

Saturday May 29, 2021

Color outside the lines : In this 11 podcast I set the stage for more to come Information on events and classes going on in June 2021 highlighted. First off PARADISE COAST HARMONICA WORKSHOPJUNE 10th-12th 2021 Fort Myers, FLORIDA3 days and nights of seminars, performances and live jams with IBC finalist The Pitbull of Blues Band featuring Hohner endorsed artists: Todd Parrott Rob Paparozzi Jerry Fierro   Then talked about Jason Ricci visit his site for more information   Closing talked about Me Nedra and ways to find out what is going on in my life and my art: Visit Talked about the group on Facebook to join   Music from Mudbone Funk Live at Dogtooth Todd Parrott Songs from the Harp Jason Ricci and JJ Appleton Beautiful Slop  Nedra Russ Blues News 2021   

Monday Jul 01, 2019

Michael Rubin teacher performer from Austin Texas talks shop and more. Visit his web site Visit Lone Wolf Blues tell them Nedra sent you   

Friday May 24, 2019

PT Gazell  A great talk with PT Harmonica Master builder performer and some of his music.  PT Gazell A method behind his madness. Hot, swingin, smooth, original, clean, lyrical, diatonically chromatic, one of a kind, masterful, the most swinging, Oh yeah, like what? Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, Tiny Moore, Wes Montgomery...that's what!  Using his own signature model instrument, theGazell method diatonic manufactured by C. A. Seydel, PT proves that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most of us believe.No other player combines his phrasing, his melodic style, his song choices and his improvisational abilities…his singular style may draw comparisons to others, but in the end, it’s a style all his own. Visit his web  Visit: Lone Wolf Blues Company sponsors  Get the  CD and PT method harmonicas  

Thursday Jan 31, 2019

Goodmorning today we are talking with: Jon Gindick  Jon Gindick best-selling musical instruction author. His books, CDs, and videos on playing the Blues Harmonica have sold over 2,000,000 copies.[He puts on 'Blues Harmonica Jam Camp,' traveling seminars for harmonica players of all levels. 

Tuesday Jan 29, 2019

Enjoyed talking with Lee Oskar endorsee Joyce Ettingcoff. We talk about her first time playing the harmonica at a very young age and how she came to be endorsed by Lee Oskar and we talk shop and amps mics and all of the different people you meet on the way to the gig and the shows.    Thank you for listening please visit my site for more on harmonica and music. 

Wednesday Jul 18, 2018

First hour Peg O' My Heart Toots Swings Lars-Luis Linek A Taste of Honey Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Pop Trio (Tar. Bamkaman. Harmonica) Milad Derakhshani Trio (Tar. Bamkaman. Harmonica) Toots on Writing bluesette Bluesette For Once In My Life Stevie Wonder The Chasin' the Gator William Clarke 2 Everyday (I Have The Blues) Stevie Wonder Tony Bennett Mark Hummel East Meets West: Blues Harp Meltdown, Vol. 2 Blues Seven Nights to Rock 5:08 Mark Hummel East Meets West: Blues Harp Meltdown, Vol. 2 Blues Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Bonus Track) Steve Miller Band Bingo! (Special Edition) Rock 2nd hour Stoney Jerry Jeff Walker Bein' Free Country Down in New Orleans Eric Norden & Joe Filisko On the Move Blues Fear and Loathing at 4th and Butternut 3:35 John Fahey Old Girlfriends and Other Horrible Memories Country K.M. Blues P.T. Gazell 2 Days Out Jazz Boogie Woogie Blue Plate P.T. Gazelle Method Forward Kinda Gal Him & Her Ground 1 Red Hen Soffe Reed Robin Rogers 15 Life Goes On Uppity Blues woman Hittin' On Nothin' You Don't Love Me Like That (Live) 4:18 Siegel-Schwall Band The Reunion Concert (Live) Blues 0 1 77/7/18, 9:50 AM Chevrolet (Original) Robben Ford & The Blue Line Handful of Blues Blues Don't Lose Your Eye 4:46 Rick Estrin On The Harp Side Blues 

Tuesday May 29, 2018

A bit of history and early recording some of the first recordings . Gonna Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy       John Henry Howard   Harp Blowers (1925-1936)  Up county Blues D Ford Bialy       Harp Blowers     (1925-1936) →  Pan America D Ford Bailey Harp Blowers (1925-1936) Boogie Baby Sonny Terry and Brownie Harp Blowers (1925-1936) Summertime (feat. Peter Gabriel)0 Larry Adler The Glory of Gershwin Jazz 100  (Walter McGhee / Stormking Music, BMI Stealin Stealin Memphis Jug Band Top Summertime Larry Adler 100 Classics - The Very Best of the 1920's, Vol. 3 Jazz Gillum Blues - 2:13 Jazz Gillum (Jazz Gillum) CLASSIC HARMONICA BLUES  from Smithsonian FolkwaysMinglewood Blues -John Sebastian and the J Band (with Annie Raines) (Noah Lewis / Peer International Corp., BMI) I Feel So Good- 2:00Warner Williams and Jay Summerour (William Broonzy / Songs of Universal Inc., BMIEarly   



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