A bit of history and early recording some of the first recordings .

Gonna Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy       John Henry Howard   Harp Blowers (1925-1936) 

Up county Blues D Ford Bialy       Harp Blowers     (1925-1936) → 

Pan America D Ford Bailey Harp Blowers (1925-1936)

Boogie Baby Sonny Terry and Brownie Harp Blowers (1925-1936)

Summertime (feat. Peter Gabriel)0 Larry Adler The Glory of Gershwin Jazz 100

 (Walter McGhee / Stormking Music, BMI

Stealin Stealin Memphis Jug Band Top

Summertime Larry Adler 100 Classics - The Very Best of the 1920's, Vol. 3 Jazz

Gillum Blues - 2:13 Jazz Gillum (Jazz Gillum)

from Smithsonian FolkwaysMinglewood Blues -
John Sebastian and the J Band (with Annie Raines) (Noah Lewis / Peer International Corp., BMI)

I Feel So Good
- 2:00
Warner Williams and Jay Summerour (William Broonzy / Songs of Universal Inc., BMIEarly 


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